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So for anyone that follows this space, yes, I have indeed moved into a new place. Not loving it, but for now anyway, it seems it may be tolerable. It's sort of amazing just how much the feeling of not being suffocated, and being able to breathe a bit better can feel a touch like a small bit of optimism...

Internet's been an issue though, and the download speeds I'm getting seem to vary wildly, which I don't quite understand -- sometimes I get some (imo, great) speeds of 13 MB/s download speeds, but often, especially on my main/ desktop computer, I get low speeds of about 1 MB/s (even while sometimes getting much, much better speed on my laptop, sitting right next to my laptop)... Any ideas as to possible causes of this on this would be appreciated. Gonna' call the ISP soon and have a chat, so anything I might be able to tell them would be good.

In other, unrelated news, I recently put a few dollars toward what looks like a very interesting game, called Octopus City Blues. You can find out more about it (and even help fund it/ pre-purchase a copy) for the next few days or so, over on Kickstarter.… Hooray for crowdfunding. 

And though I'm lagging behind in the queue of images I've posted, I'm closing in on the 500th image I've made in Alchemy since the start of 2013. Yeah, sure, many of them (at least in my opinion) aren't the most interesting images, but the way I see it is that at least they're SOMEthing. I could, conversely, just be making absolutely nothing, which is probably exactly what I'd have been doing artstuff-wise had I not been making those.

(As a slight aside, I've also been doodling a bunch for the purpose of making Shape files for Alchemy -- it's such a little-used program that there aren't many people who much care, I'm sure, but if nothing else, making then has been a bit of zen-like therapy or some junk, if only because it's stuff that's so very different from anything else I usually do. I hope to upload more of those sometime in the nearish future, and in a strange way, am even somewhat "proud" of that stuff.)

All that said, it has been a crutch, all of it... or maybe more of a flotation device and life preserver? (to use a different sort of metaphor) So, in keeping with the apparent 2013 theme of me using it a ton to keep my head above water, once I reach the 500 mark of stuff made with it, I'm thinking I may start a small project with the program... It's something I've been mulling over for months now, and I feel like if I say SOMEthing about it, that maybe, just maybe it'll help me to motivate myself to actually get off my lazy as and get something done. Maybe anyway.... :/ Watch this space in the coming months, and hopefully I'll follow up on this.

But really, does anyone much read these? Does it matter? Do I even really care?
  • Listening to: Elevator From Hell - Backteeth
  • Reading: A Malady of Magics, by Craig Shaw Gardner
  • Watching: Ultimate Fighter (1st season with women fighters)
  • Playing: Rogue Legacy (almost done, I think?...)
  • Eating: vegetarian bakudan sushi rolls, from Naru
  • Drinking: water
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noelle-chan Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay for new place!
nikoskap Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
I really enjoy what you do with Alchemy:) (Smile)
ozwalled Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
Thanks you very much. :) It's always nice to know that people are enjoying it. There will be more to come, for sure.
nikoskap Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013
You're welcome!:) (Smile)
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September 21, 2013